Parent A v Parent B & Ors [2019] EWHC 406 (Fam) (10 January 2019)

Application by father for a spend time with order in respect of his son. Fact-finding hearing to consider allegations of abuse by the father.

Full report: Bailii

CS v SBH & Ors [2019] EWHC 634 (Fam) (18 March 2019)

Appeal by child against dismissal of application for variation of order that child live with father.

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London Borough of Hackney v SJF & Anor [2019] EWCOP 8 (12 March 2019)

Judgment considering whether a 56 year old woman with physical and mental health issues had capacity, and if not, whether she should leave residential placement.

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VB v JD & Ors [2019] EWHC 612 (Fam) (05 February 2019)

Appeal by mother against order stopping all direct contact with child.

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Downes v Downes & Anor [2019] EWHC 491 (Ch) (13 March 2019)

The Claimant claimed that he was the sole beneficial owner of three properties and sought declarations to that effect, orders that they be transferred into his sole name and consequential relief. His claims were successful.

Full report: Bailii, via Family Law Hub

Bogonosovy v Russia (Application no. 38201/16) (European Court of Human Rights, 5 March 2019)

The European Court of Human Rights found that the refusal to consider the grandparent’s application for post-adoption contact constituted a violation of Art 8 of the European Convention.

Full report: Family Law

A and B (Children : Care Order) [2019] EWFC B10 (15 February 2019)

Care proceedings in relation to two siblings, in which the care plan was for them to be placed separately.

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King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust v FG [2019] EWCOP 7 (29 January 2019)

Application by NHS Trust for declarations in relation to a patient undergoing surgery.

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S (No. 2) (Care Proceedings) (Article 15: Second Application for Second Transfer) [2019] EWFC 12 (27 February 2019)

Application for court to request the courts of the Republic of Ireland to assume jurisdiction for care proceedings.

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M v F (Appeal : Fact Finding) [2019] EWHC 572 (Fam) (12 March 2019)

Cross applications by father for child arrangements order and by mother for non-molestation order. Application by mother for permission to appeal in relation to fact-finding hearing. Permission refused.

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K (A Child: Stranding: Forum Conveniens: Anti-Suit Injunction) [2019] EWHC 466 (Fam) (01 March 2019)

Application by mother in wardship for return of child from India. Application by father challenging the jurisdiction of the English court.

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P (Notice of care proceedings to father without parental responsibility) [2019] EWFC 13 (11 March 2019)

Care proceedings. Application by local authority for the requirement to serve Form C6A upon father to be disapplied. Application allowed.

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X and Y (Delay : Professional Conduct of Expert) [2019] EWFC B9 (11 March 2019)

Short judgment in care proceedings to address concerns relating to the professional conduct of the medico-legal expert instructed to prepare reports in respect of the children.

Full report: Bailii

L (special guardianship order), Re [2019] EWFC B7 (28 February 2019)

Care proceedings concerning one year old child. Special guardianship order made in favour of maternal grandfather's niece.

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SS v CCG & Anor [2018] EWCOP 40 (31 October 2018)

Application seeking a declaration that it is lawful and in best interests for CANH to be withdrawn and and for palliative care only in relation to woman in vegetative state.

Full report: Bailii

S (A Child : Hague Convention 1980 : Return To Third State) [2019] EWCA Civ 352 (07 March 2019)

Appeal against order that child be returned to Hungary, despite being habitually resident in Germany. Appeal allowed.

Full report: Bailii

Q (Child: Interim Care Order: Jurisdiction), Re [2019] EWHC 512 (Fam) (07 March 2019)

Judgment considering issue of whether an interim care order can persist after the subject child reaches their seventeenth birthday.

Full report: Bailii

M (Female Genital Mutilation Protection Order: No Order on Application), Re [2019] EWHC 527 (Fam) (18 February 2019)

Hearing considering whether an FGM protection order made without notice to the parents should continue.

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