W -v- M and S and A NHS Primary Care Trust [2011] EWHC 2443 (Fam) (28 September 2011)

Application by family of woman in a 'minimally conscious state' for an order authorising the withdrawal of artificial nutrition and hydration. Application refused.

Full report: Judiciary of England and Wales

K (A Child) [2011] EWCA Civ 1075 (28 July 2011)

Residence order in favour of father; mother lives predominantly in Bulgaria. Appeal by father against contact order in favour of mother that required him to vacate the family home, to allow the contact to take place there. Appeal allowed.

Full report: Family Law Week

C v A Local Authority [2011] EWHC 1539 (Admin) (30 March 2011)

Proceedings concerning an 18 year old man with severe autism. The court made detailed orders and declarations under the MCA 2005, including ordering that his liberty may be deprived in very limited circumstances and only with the authority of the court.

Full report: Bailii

PGO and FEO v Coventry City Council [2011] EWCC 7 (Fam) (24 August 2011)

Applications for adoption orders by local authority foster carers. Applications opposed by local authority and the Children's Guardian. Applications dismissed.

Full report: Bailii

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council v Watson [2011] EWHC 2376 (Fam) (01 September 2011)

Application by respondent to purge contempt, after respondent committed to prison for nine months. Respondent released, and prison sentence suspended for two years.

Full report: Bailii

K (Children) EWCA Civ 1064 (20 July 2011)

Appeal by father against order that there be no direct contact between him and the children, where there was a long history of him committing sexual offences against children and/or offences involving him accessing pornography relating to children. Appeal dismissed.

Full report: Family Law Week

Hutchings-Whelan v Hutchings [2011] EWCA Civ 1048 (15 August 2011)

Application by husband for permission to appeal against ancillary relief order. Permission granted, strictly limited to certain issues.

Full report: Family Law Week

Mansfield v Mansfield [2011] EWCA Civ 1056 (27 July 2011)

Appeal by husband against ancillary relief order where most of the family assets originated from personal injury damages received by him prior to the marriage. Held, the amount of the wife's award would not be altered, but that there should be a Mesher order giving the husband a charge-back for one third of the award.

Full report: Bailii

A-H (Children) [2011] EWCA Civ 1044 (14 July 2011)

Appeal by mother against interim care order removing children from her care. Appeal dismissed.

Full report: Bailii

SMBC v WMP & Ors [2011] EWHC B13 (COP) (14 June 2011)

Forced marriage protection orders made in respect of three brothers, all of whom had varying degrees of learning difficulty. Matter transferred to Court of Protection. Application by one brother for discharge. Application refused.

Full report: Bailii

Green & Anor v Montagu & Anor [2011] EWHC 1856 (Ch) (19 July 2011)

Held that, notwithstanding their parents’ bigamous marriage, the children acquired the status of legitimacy by reason of the law of the domicile of each of their parents, and therefore the trustees were entitled under the terms of the settlements to provide for them.

Full report: Bailii

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council v Haigh & Ors [2011] EWHC 2412 (Fam) (22 August 2011)

Applications by local authority to name the parents in care proceedings so as to enable the father to refute false allegations that he had sexually abused the child and for an order against the mother under s.91 (14) of the Children Act 1989, for a period of two years. Both applications granted.

Full report: Bailii

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council v Watson [2011] EWHC B15 (Fam) (22 August 2011)

Care proceedings. Application by local authority to commit Elizabeth Watson for breach of reporting restriction order. Held, Ms Watson was plainly in contempt and sentenced to a term of nine months.

Full report: Bailii

SK v WL [2010] EWHC 3768 (Fam) (26 February 2010)

Ancillary relief. Husband sought a substantial departure from equal division, with the wife receiving approximately 25% of the current wealth, on the basis of a "very significant post-separation accrual" which was the product of his endeavours in the period following the separation. The husband's post-separation contribution was held to be less than he asserted, and the wife was awarded just over 40% of the assets.

Full report: Bailii

Re RK; YB v BCC [2010] EWHC 3355 (COP)

Given the terms of s20(8) Children Act 1989, the provision of accommodation to a child under s20(1), (3), (4) or (5) will not ever give rise to a deprivation of liberty within the terms of Article 5. In any event, the objective element of deprivation of liberty was not remotely close to being met on the facts.

Report: Mental Health Law Online

Re N-C (children) (interim care order) [2011] EWCA Civ 1434 (10 August 2011)

Care proceedings. Allegations of sexual abuse against the father. Court rejected application for the return of the child, notwithstanding that the father had moved out. Mother appealed. Appeal dismissed.

Report: Law Society Gazette

Full report: Bailii